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The real life inspirations for the most famous pinup pictures by Gil Elvgren we all love so much!

(Source: 1stepclosertoinfinity, via thegothicalice)

Filipino artist Noel Cruz transforms mass-produced dolls to create stunningly realistic one-of-a-kind figures of celebrities.” 


(Source:, via thegothicalice)

Oops I totally forgot to do a fourth of July shoot. I had a shirt for it and everything. I guess I will do it next year. I have my photo shoots pre-shot for a few months so it slipped my mind.




The little pet play community are hosting their first giveaway; courtesy of getfursonal. She makes lovely acrylic yarn tails that have small carabiner clips so they can be attatched to your clothes or a butt plug!

Do check out her tumblr here.
And her store here.

She makes gorgeous tails in all kind of colours and colour combinations and they’re sooooo fluffyyyyy! Perfect for any little or pet (or a caregiver or owner to surprise their other half with). So you should definitly enter!

This give away is for the tail in the above photos, bright pink and 21 inches long, light weight and flexible! And as its acrylic yarn completly cruelty free~

This shows how fluffy they can be depending on how you brush them.

- You must be following The Little Pet Play Community
- No giveaway blogs, we’ll check
- Must be 18+ to enter.
- Reblog this as many times as you like, each reblog is an entry! The more reblogs the better you chance at winning, don’t spam your followers though!
- Likes don’t count (feel free to like as a means of saving this post so you can find it and reblog some more)
- Will ship internationally; but will take longer to reach you
- The winner must have their ask open so we can contact you and ask for their address; if the winner doesn’t respond in 24 hours and new winner will be chosen.
- Give away closes June 30th 2014 11pm BST

Still time to enter! More reblogs = greater chance of winning!

This ends tomorrow 11pm BST.
Get reblogging for a chance to win this fantastic tail from getfursonal.

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